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The Chic Bridal Trends Of 2020

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Bridal trends stick around a little longer than the catwalk trends ultimately making them become “classic” much sooner. The looks at the bridal fashion week catwalk were a mix of the new and the timeless.

  1. The first new look was the bridal blazer, giving us Sex And The City, Carrie vibes cant think why this wasn’t a staple in the bridal world already with the sharp edgy tailoring in the most beautiful and elegant of fabrics.
  2. The all over crochet lace gowns, some were giving a weighted quality look and others were whimsical and Boho with a touch of vintage.
  3.  Bridal suiting/ tailoring meets train, its literally a combination of a blazer or corseted bodice and a cascade of tulle or shantung flowing from its hem (from behind the wearer) usually worn with a fitted skirt or tailored slim fit trousers its defiantly fashion forward for the super modern, super chic bride.
  4.  The ‘Old Hollywood Glam’ trend has been a staple for some time and has even found its place in the vintage section of the bridal magazine pages, ultimately next season this trend is a touch more glam than old Hollywood, playing with modern silhouette but keeping the ultra glossy fabrics such as Mikado, shantung and taffeta.
  5.  Romanticism; where the main inspiration is works of art from the renaissance, poet and bishop sleeves, volume and shape whether delicate and light or unashamedly bold and romantic this is Princess Diana 2020.
  6. The ‘High Low’ is another trend that has become a favorite among the 2nd time brides its a fun twist on tradition plus a chance to show off the expensive shoes you just had to have and after your vows you are ultimately dance floor ready.

These are the new or looks to watch for in spring 2020 in addition to the dresses already ruling the bridal scene, there’s the ball gown, mermaid, empire, tea length and the mini.

It can easily become stressful when choosing the right gown the best advice I can give to any bride to be is to try on a few different shapes, think silhouette first! no need to focus on the fabric or style but what would best highlight your best asset and being honest with yourself  if you have a great bust and a tiny waist you must highlight this.

During the trial stage bring someone with you who you trust, I would advise against a group of people (before choosing the dress) this usually creates a clash of personal tastes and this is where tension beginnings and the ‘stress around the dress’ grows ending in uncomfortable fittings with the seamstress.

Now talking from experience this isn’t the best kind of relationship you want to have with your seamstress, they are there to help, advise and encourage you on route to your big day.

Ultimately choosing a bridal gown is not a race, it’ll happen naturally so no need to force it.

Jenny Dixon.

Jenny Dixon Couture

Image from Noella Lovely Weddings

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