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This is a chance to have a bespoke piece made for you and your entire bridal party, prom, that special birthday celebration and holy communion.
We will work together to create the dress of your dreams the process has a number of fittings to ensure that your gown / piece is perfect.
During the first few appointments you will be selecting your ideal fabrics, trims and embellishments (if any) Jenny will be there every step along the way, guiding and advising you about everything from the silhouette to the right buttons.

After the sketches, fabric and measurements Jenny will make up a calico toile this is a mock of your gown its a tool for both customer and designer, this is a chance for you to discuss the finer details like collar, sleeves and lengths etc. This is incredibly important as this is the last stage before the true fabric is cut.

Once you are happy Jenny will lovingly bring your dream gown to life, follow up fittings will be arranged over the time of your order.
The ideal time for a bespoke / couture gown is at least 4 months but depending on the piece you commissioned, I will always be happy to accommodate where time allows.