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Pretty Lingerie And The Corseted Wedding Dress

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Wedding Lingerie and your dress…

Weddings are usually an all day affair and that means a lot of movement, drinking and eating.

So when you are trying on underwear/ lingerie for your wedding day make sure you move around in it, sit and stretch in it make sure you will be comfortable in it.

Some wedding dresses are made with built-in corsets and if your wedding dress does come with built-in reinforcements, or if Spanx are the more flattering option for the day, then save your bridal lingerie until the wedding night. With no gown limitations, you’re free to get a little more creative with a pretty matching set, maybe something in blue?

All eyes might be on your wedding dress, but it’s your bridal lingerie that can make or break your big day. Much like your wedding shoes, this isn’t the day to take a chance on a style as it must be practical. Make sure when you go for your wedding dress fitting you must bring your lingerie with you every time.

Weather shapewear or lingerie there are many brands out there specifically designed to be worn under  your wedding dress. They range in levels of support to price, on average brides to be would spend anything from £10.00-£200  GBP that’s $12.93-$258.57 USD

For most brides shopping for their honeymoon lingerie can be a little easier. Brands like Victoria Secret, Argent Provocateur, Honey Birdette and La Perla are the most popular. These are defiantly on the higher end of most brides budget but like the brides wedding dress it becomes a special but necessary purchase.

Getting the best advice on your lingerie you plan to wear with your wedding dress you should always ask your dressmaker or seamstress, they would have the best knowledge of what will work best not just for what suits the dress but also what is comfortable. For professional wedding dress alterations contact Jenny for further enquires.

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