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The Flower Girl And The Pure White Dress

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In Wedding Tradition.

As far back as wedding traditions go the flower girl is symbolic in nature. The young girl usually dressed in white represents purity. She walks down the isle, ahead of the bride dropping flower petals, which symbolize fertility. The petals are usually red roses. These are always vibrant and signifies deep passion and love.

The flower girl has been around as far back as Greek and Roman times. during these times the flower girls would drop grain and herbs which meant fertility. Even in the middle ages young girls would walk in front of the bride carrying bundles of grain. Flower baskets only became popular in the Victorian era onward.

Those Vivacious Victorians.

If you had the means to do so a typical Victorian wedding would be about class, grace and romantic gestures. There would be dainty floral patterns on the china, plenty of lace and sweet smelling flowers.

The Victorians were all about the pomp and circumstance and were vivacious bunch. no one but the wealthy could afford to sustain the this standard of lifestyle, especially after they were married. For one day they would want to chose a beautiful manor home with manicured lawns and a rose garden. The statues and a fountain were also apart of the (soon to be) nostalgic Victorian theme.

Mini Me’s.

The Victorian era was also responsible for the young girls/ flower girls to be wearing a in a white dresses, carrying baskets full of petals and eternal love in the form of flower covered hoops.

Once queen Victorian was married she had unknowingly started a trend. One that would only really be ‘challenged’ within the last 20 years by the bold or individual bride. This was the famous white wedding dress and matching flower arrangements. Victoria wanted her flower girls to also be in pure white, creating mini brides which is now one tradition that has lasted unit today.

It makes sense, children are pure and the best colour to dress them in for a wedding is ivory or white.

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