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The Wedding Dress And The Fairy Tale

the wedding dress and the fairy tale -
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The Princess Dress.

To many brides on her wedding day her wedding dress is everything, It is an expression of her style in the highest form and it’s her one day to feel like a queen/ princess.

Weather white, ivory or (currently) blush she will be illuminated in every room by the soft colours and textures that swish and sway around her, holding her beautifully wrapped bouquet of white peonies and a crystallized veil flowing from her crown…but maybe I’m just projecting my ideal day.

Surprisingly things weren’t always like this and as far back as the 1400s brides would typically wear their best or finest dress for their wedding day, this would result in many brides wearing black dresses as they would hide a multitude of sins, blue was extremely popular colour as it represented piety and purity and had a connection to the virgin Mary. Colours that were avoided were green as this colour was considered unlucky.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

In 1840 queen Victoria married prince Albert wearing a white satin wedding dress dripping in orange blossoms she was unaware of how her choice in colour would start not just a trend but create the tradition as we know it.

Knowing that the options are endless , finding YOUR wedding dress should be about what you want, shape, fabric even colour! Why not spin it on its head have your guest wear ivory and you wear the colour…stand out, be bold! It’s your day.

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  1. Maxine Hayes says:

    Jenny is very professional with her clients, lovely warm welcome, listening to your requirements has a wide variety of choices of materials and patterns for you to choose.
    I have chose this lovely lady to design and make my daughters pem dress which is a very classy, moxern unique style that all her prom buddies and parents complemented… She was definitely the belle of the ball that evening.
    It was worth every penny (in my price range too!)
    You will be amazed at Jennys’ talents!
    You wont be disappointed.

  2. Maxine Hayes says:

    Most recently, Jenny also turned my plain wedding dress I purchased elsewhere, into a beautifully detailed, personalised, unique style which i absolutely love! I am so happy with all the alterations, and her service too.

    I have the upmost respect for this lady and her ever growing small business. Well done so proud!

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