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What To Expect At Your Wedding Dress Fitting And What Is Expected Of You.

The evesdroppers- vittorio reggianini-
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In 2020 Jenny Dixon Couture would have been in the bridal world for 9 years.  Making couture gowns from scratch or altering dresses in wedding dress fittings and in that time I’ve met many brides who were understandably unaware of what to expect during their fittings.

I wanted to add a few tips here to help save time, pain and hopefully avoid brides making costly mistakes that could leave a bitter taste in the memory of what supposed to be one of the best days of your life.

Book Your Fitting.

Be organised and book your appointment. Make sure you get in there early between a year to nine months before.

Once your dress arrives you need to book your fitting 8 weeks before your wedding day.

1. buy your shoes early, not only for breaking them in (which is important) but also to have the exact shoes to get your hem perfect. do not delay on getting your shoes!

2. If you want to wear underwear make sure you have this before your fittings too, my advice is to wear this under a t-shirt and or hoody with leggings and comfortable shoes – do this for every fitting.

3. Tie your hair back! or bring a hair tie or bobble, unless you have booked a hair trial before your fitting making sure you keep your hair out of the way.

4. If you are planning to loose weight tell your seamstress at this stage, a good seamstress should not make you feel pressured or complain if they need to alter multiple times. every body is different and lose/ gain weight differently.

5. When you are pinned into your dress, DO NOT BEND OVER let the seamstress or a family / friends put them on for you.

The first fitting is incredibly important you have to pay close attention. If she is a good seamstress  she will ask “Does this feel comfortable?” (regarding anything that needs resizing) think ahead! will you still feel comfortable after your meal? can you raise your arms and can you sit down?

If you don’t like the way something is being done, you need to say in this first fitting.

2nd Fitting An Incomplete Dress.

Your next fitting should be between 3 and 4 weeks before your wedding day. At this stage the dress is incomplete based on the style of dress there may be loose lace, colourful tacking thread or missing beads this is just aesthetics and will be put back/ removed before your final fitting.

1. If you’ve planned on loosing weight this is a chance to gage your progress.  Its not a time to put yourself down see yourself just like your dress… in progress.

2.  this may not be a time to bring people with you it can be a bit of a shock to some bride’s to be let alone friends and family to see the unfinished gown but if you do want company bring someone who you trust.

Third Fitting… 2 Weeks Before.

2 weeks before your wedding.

This is the fitting where everything has been put back. There should be no loose lace, colourful thread and all beads must be back on. This is the perfect time to book a make up and hair trial, bring any accessories you want to wear on the day to get a feel of what you will look like on the big day.

1. This is the stage to bring your family and friends. Its an experience and you should be sharing it with loved ones, any stress relating to your dress belongs to the seamstress.

2. You must arrange a collection date at this stage. Most brides don’t have the space to hang the dress or in some cases, hide from their partner so the day before is a popular time to collect their dress.


The dress should be steamed a couple hours before your dress is ready for collection. Hanging in a free space with a breathable bag at the ready and you should always get help with your dress to your car.

this is just a rough guide to a basic wedding dress fitting. Depending on when the dress was purchased and if you are getting married aboard will limit the fitting times always explain situations like this to your seamstress.

Either way the best advice I can give is to enjoy! Its all on route to your wedding day which is a celebration.

For a perfect fitting wedding dress please contact Jenny.

Art work “The eavesdroppers” by Vittorio Reggianini, Italy 1858 – 1938

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